We absolutely understand how boring these "About Us" pages can typically be. Normally the brand just wants to brag about themselves and use big words to describe their business. Lets avoid that. Simply put, Lockhart's Authentic is husband and wife owned/operated, founded in January 2013, and we are passionate about hair products. We don't claim to be "made by/for/collaborated with/[insert cliche here] barbers." Instead we fuel our company with feedback from our customers. We develop our products based on the needs of the customers and continuously improve our products over time. What good is a heavy hold pomade if you're ripping out your hair during application? Who says heavy hold pomades can't have shine? How come some pomades simply have no manageability? These were common issues with other pomades and we feel we have put these issues in the rearview mirror. Going forward we plan to continue expanding our line of products based on what our customers want most. As long as our Goon Legion is happy, we're happy.

GOON GREASE Nichole and Steve Lockhart make some of the best pomade around. Been waiting to get my hands on a tin after lots of good reviews from the pomade community. Good Grease is definitely my favorite pomade.
— Gerard Papa
LOCKHART’S MEDIUM My husband found out about this at Classic Barber Shop here in Lansing and they were out at the time. The smell is fantastic, the hold is perfect, and we were really happy to support another Michigan business.
— Ani King
LOCKHART’S LIGHT Great smell and great hold for such a light pomade.
— Brandon Wallace
GOON GREASE Its a top class pomade, really a stand alone item as far as oil based pomades go, great lift, shine & hold Once used nothing else will do. Instantly my go to brew.
— np cliff
GOON GREASE The smell is amazing the hold is awesome took a fat minute to comb through but well worth the wait by far the best pomade i have ever used
— Ben Alcaraz
MOUSTACHE WAX This is the business, my graspable extremities are kept solid and upright longer than with any other I have tried... I was surprised to receive a vanilla scent rather than the peppermint I was expecting but still steps up to the mark. Thank you
— bishopguy
LOCKHART’S HEAVY This is some heavy stuff! Easy to scoop out though and rub into your hair. Seriously, you can not go wrong with Lockhart’s products.
— Ryan Breault
LOCKHART’S MEDIUM Fantastic pomade. Easy into hair, medium shine, medium hold and pleasing scent. The scent is very reminiscent of incense, which is to be expected since it is sandalwood. Quick shipping as well; shipped Monday and arrived Friday. Great service and product!
— b for beer
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