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Our Story

“Nichole and I got married very young. We were both 21 years old and we moved out on our own (with the help of our parents still and we had friends living with us as roommates), completely broke and trying to navigate our way in the world. Eventually I landed a sales job at a local car lot after wrenching on cars for several years to scrape by. At that point I knew I had to do something about my look and really clean myself up. Working on a hot black top pavement all day meant that virtually nothing could hold my hair in the heat so I decided I wanted to create something specifically for my situation. At this time I had formed a good relationship with my barber in downtown Flint, Michigan who was really encouraging me to go forward with crafting an entire line of products. Word spread, and more and more people wanted to try out our products so we opened up a simple Etsy page just so we could get our products into our friends hands who wanted them. From there customers from all over the world starting asking for specific products and giving critique for better product performance in their region of the world.

It's very important to us that we're able to create products that can be used by any person of any walk of life from any part of the world. The feedback we received led to more product development, still out of our own kitchen, and to pretty rapid growth. At this point we had created a healthy following organically online and helped to form the Facebook group Everything Pomade where we could gather even more feedback directly from our customers immediately. We quickly grew our wholesale business across the globe after this and I was finally able to quit my car sales job and go into this business full time. We then grew to a point where the home kitchen just no longer was feasible and the products had become far too complex to create in our home so we had to open up our own Apothecary in downtown Perry, MI (population: 2,000). I think our story is very unique as it really is a rag to riches story (I use the terms riches loosely of course haha!). 

Some of the unique things that we really enjoy doing is hybridizing products. Or at least experimenting with hybridizing products and seeing what comes of it. There's lots of trial and error that goes into the process but that normally results in very unique formulations that you wouldn't find from any big lab production facility. I like to view the craft as an art form and the products really are my canvas. I'm actually a nationally recognized Stuckist artist and used to be an avid painter and sketch artist. Now that we have a baby girl with another on the way, I no longer have the time or energy to paint so I put all of my creativity into my products.

We have a strong belief that supporting others will result in success for everyone in the long run. Both professionally and personally. This is why you will find many of our “competitors” products on our site for sale. We believe that a strong and flourishing pomade market leads to success for everyone. As they say “A high tide raises all ships.” I’ve always compared the pomade market to the local Flint metal music scene that I grew up in. The bands that supported each other, stuck around for everybody’s sets, promoted them on social media (myspace back then…), and purchased each others demos and merch were the bands that received the most love from their fans and always seemed to be enjoying themselves much more than the elitists pricks who turned their noses to the opener bands. That’s why we always want a strong and vibrant pomade community. One that will challenge everyone to always get better and create more unique and creative formulas. That’s the beauty of it all. The connections and friendships made. We hope to connect with as many of our fans as possible.”

-Steve Lockhart