Barber Spotlight #2: Austin Buice

Austin Buice- First Cut Barbers, Jacksonville, FL


Hello everyone, Randy here back with another interview for our Barber Spotlight Series. This time I've brought on Austin Buice of First Cut Barbers out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Randy (Lockhart's): Austin, first off thank you for taking the time out of your day to speak with me. Tell us a little about yourself; how did you get into barbering? How long have you been in your trade?


Austin: I started cutting hair a year and a half ago. I learned from one of my sergeants during my time in the United States Army. This struck my interest, and after I was medically discharged from the military I went to barber school and got my first job barbering at First Cut Barbers, where I am today.

Randy (Lockhart's): Tell us a little about the shop. Where are you located? What's the style of the shop? Are there any special services offered?

Austin: We are located at 625 N Julia St. in Jacksonville, Florida. Our shop has been open for about two years and has a very traditional, old school, original barber shop feel to it. We like to keep it simple to pay homage to where the trade started and avoid the new contemporary trends of some shops. To match this, we offer classic hot towel, straight razor shaves, just like the old shops used to.

Randy (Lockhart's): What kinds of things are talked about around your shop with your clients?

Austin: One main topic that everyone usually discusses in Jaguar's football when the season rolls around. When I'm cutting hair though, I like to listen to what the client has to say and their stories, and as I get to know the client more, I have different unique conversations across many topics with each client.

Randy (Lockhart's): Have you had a customer tell you any crazy or strange stories while you were giving them a haircut?


Austin: One time I had a client come by the shop right after he was out of work to come get his hair cut. He was telling me how that night he couldn't go out on a date with his wife like he had wanted to. The reason being is because this girl he was seeing on the side didn't want him to go out with her that night. The even stranger part is that the wife was ok with that, and let him spend time with her instead. So they had an open relationship where the wife and the girl on the side had to negotiate to get their time with him as they wanted.

Randy (Lockhart's): Have you had any celebrities or notable people come by the shop to get their hair cut?

Austin: I did have a guy come in once who was an offensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I can't remember his name off the top of my head, but he came in with a posse of his friends. It was a cool experience getting to cut hair for someone like that.

Randy (Lockhart's): Do you have any hobbies or other passions outside of barbering?


Austin: I am an avid surfer and I enjoy scuba diving along the ocean as well. I also love going to the gym and getting in a good workout.

Randy (Lockhart's): Do you have any closing remarks you'd like to make?

Austin: I'd just like to say for anyone who is interested in barbering, definitely pursue it. It is great, I love what I do and what you put into it will pay off. Just follow your dreams to find what you love doing.

We would like to thank Austin again for taking the time out of his schedule to do an interview with us. If you are in the Jacksonville area and would like to book an appointment with Austin, you can call (904)-779-7963, or stop in the shop located at 625 N Julia St. in Jacksonville, Florida. Stay tuned for more barber spotlights to see more unique barbers form across the world!


Authentic Man: Ricardo Garcia

FullSizeRender (14).jpg

Welcome back to our Authentic Man series, where we take a look at unique individuals from across the globe sharing their unique life experiences. On this installment we interviewed a loyal Lockhart's customer, Ricardo Garcia.

Randy (Lockhart's): Hey Ricardo, first off I'd like to thank you for taking the time to do an interview with us today and sharing your story. Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from and what do you do for work?

Ricardo: I am originally from San Jose, California, but I now live in Tennessee. I work at a company that makes various vehicle parts.

Randy (Lockhart's): What provoked you to move away from your family in San Jose to Tennessee? Why did you choose Tennessee as your destination to move to?

Ricardo: At home, I never really had any support from my family. People doubted my ability to succeed when I lived in San Jose, and that fueled me to want to prove them wrong and live out the successful life that I wanted to pursue. I was working two to three jobs at a time struggling to get by. I saw an opportunity for success out in Tennessee where I could live with my cousins until I get myself on my feet. I told my mother and step father that this was my aspiration and in three to four months I wanted to move out there when I had saved enough money. This was all just an idea until about a month later, one morning around 8AM my step father who was highly intoxicated sat down next to me while I was eating breakfast. He said that he was tired of me being around and that I was a disgrace. He also said that he was under the influence of cocaine. He then proceeded to get up screaming "I'm going to kill you!". He grabbed a kitchen knife and chased after me so I locked myself in my room. He kept stabbing holes in my door while yelling at me that he was going to kill me. He went around our house to the window in my room so I took that opportunity to run out of the house and escape. I was running down the street with no shirt or shoes while he kept chasing me telling me to come back and that he would kill me. After this happened I was crying, trying to explain what had happened to my aunt, uncle and cousin over the phone. They didn't believe me; they took his side of the story over mine. The next day I took what money I had and bought a plane ticket to Tennessee and moved away to my cousins place. After this incident, my family called me back realizing the truth of what happened to me, but their concerns weren't genuine. They did not care that I was almost killed by my step father, they just wanted something to gossip about.

Randy (Lockhart's): Wow, that is insane that you made it through all that and were able to follow your dream to move to Tennessee. Were you and your mother close? How did she react to the incident with you and your step father as well as you moving away?

Ricardo: My mother and I were close. When she heard about what had happened, she was in shock. My step father was not a mean person, but when he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, he was a totally different person. She did not want me to move away, but I had to convince her that for my safety that it was best for me to relocate. She relocated in California as well to stay safe, and now she supports my decision.

Randy (Lockhart's): Are you still in contact with any of your other family since your move?

Ricardo: For a short time I was. They supported my move and stopped doubting my ability. Then all conversations had to be about negative things, despite all the positive change in my life. They tried telling people that I was lying when I was saying how good things were when I moved, so I had to cut ties to make my life more positive.

Randy (Lockhart's): Was there a big improvement in your quality of life after you moved away?

Ricardo: Absolutely.  When I moved to Tennessee I was accepted by my cousins there with open arms. It took me about six months after moving and having a stable job to move out and have a place of my own. I still have my job and I'm very glad that I made the move.

Randy (Lockhart's): Do you have any hobbies outside of work or anything in particular you enjoy doing since you've moved?

Ricardo: I really enjoy hiking and experiencing the outdoors. Tennessee has a lot of great trails to hike and a lot of awesome scenery. I also love boxing as well.

Randy (Lockhart's): Do you have any advice to anyone who is thinking about moving away who is in a similar situation you were in while living in California?

Ricardo: The key is to stay positive. You can't let negativity rule you when wanting to make a big decision like that. You just have to push on. Things will get better eventually, you just have to make the right choice for you.

Randy (Lockhart's): How did you end up discovering Lockhart's pomade? What is your favorite Lockhart's product?

Ricardo: When I first started using pomades, I had tried four or five other brands, but those just weren't working for me. I then stumbled upon some reviews online of how great this brand of pomade called Lockhart's is. If it was one or two reviews, it probably wouldn't have pushed me to try it, but good things about Lockhart's just kept popping up. So I looked up a couple videos on YouTube and then I wanted to try some product for myself. Let me say, I love the Lockhart's pomades, there is truly nothing else like it on the market. My favorite product is Goon Grease, and I use it as my day to day product.


This concludes today's Authentic Man interview. I would really like to thank Ricardo again for taking the time out of his day to sit down and share his story with me. Feel free to give Ricardo a follow on instagram @ricard0_1994. Stay tuned for more stories as we find more authentic men to share their stories and inspiration.



Authentic Man: Josh Samples; Garden Designer

Josh Samples; Garden Designer

Welcome back to the second installment of our Authentic Man series where we will be interviewing people from around the world who have specializations that push the boundaries on what we know to be art and culture. For this segment we interviewed Josh Samples, nationally acclaimed Garden and Floral Designer. We recently had a sit down with Josh to find out more about his inspirations and how he manages to stay true to his lifestyle.

Phil (Lockhart's): Hey Josh, first I want to start by saying thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at Lockhart’s Pomade today, why don’t you first describe what it is you do and how you came about doing it.

Josh: I guess it all started in 1982, when my grandfather bought the local garden center starting my family on this path. They had me potting tomato plants by the time I was four years old; I spent every day after school working in the yard and garden all the way up through high school. My father built Oak Hill Gardens after I graduated high school starting us into the pool design and construction business. After high school I went to the University of Kentucky for Horticulture; at which point I started designing vertical gardens. The work I did with vertical gardens gained me the recognition of Woolly Pocket out in Los Angeles; so he hired me and moved me out there and flew me all over the country to design vertical gardens. It was during this time that I met a renowned rooftop gardener from New York who asked me to be his product manager and promote his new fertilizer line. After I did that for a while I moved back to London, Kentucky and created Oak Hill Gardens event space; hosting wedding and special events. And from there I have moved to Minneapolis where I stay busy designing vertical and rooftop gardens for anyone from @bellecourmn French Restaurant to @hewinghotel 5 Star Hotel. I’ve also done anything from floral design, interior plant design, or terrariums, etc.. over the course of my whole career.

Phil (Lockhart's): That’s really awesome man, when you have the chance to travel you get to experience life in many different settings of culture, what is the craziest or strangest experience you’ve had as a result of what you do?

Josh: I feel like every project is crazy haha. I think the most awesome part is having the ability to travel and do what I love. When I first started I had to stay in terrible hotels and eat when/what I could. Now it’s the total opposite; I travel freely and go to awesome shows and experience things I would have never imagined possible when I was younger.

Phil (Lockhart's): What is it that you enjoy the most about your lifestyle?

Josh: The freedom to be able to create and work on projects that are stimulating and progressive. I enjoy having total creative freedom from start to finish and the ability to travel and work, and the chance to be out in nature. I love to create that moment where people are amazed and wowed by what I’ve designed for them.

Phil (Lockhart's): What do you consider most when laying out a project?

Josh: How it will look year round. I try to design for winter first on landscaping projects­­.

Phil (Lockhart's): Why is it so important to you to be in nature?

Josh: It’s all I’ve ever known, I grew up surrounded by this environment. It helped mold me into a person that cares about the environment and to make a positive impact. It also allows me to create a moment, at any time.

­Phil (Lockhart's):  How do you manage to stay current with new trends and manage to push the boundaries on what we know to be beautiful with floral design at the same time?

Josh: I love fashion, so I’m always watching fashion shows, I’m also just very inspired by nature in general. I follow other floral designers and attend trade shows. But really I feel like most of my creative influence comes from really old gardens or fashion designers. I also like to hang around the client I’m designing for to feel them out and see what inspires them.

Phil (Lockhart's): How could someone get in touch with you if they wanted to hire you or follow your work?

Josh: Through either social media or my website which has all my information. or @josh.samples for instagram, you can also look me up on facebook with my name.­

That concludes our interview with Josh. When asking what makes an authentic man, you always have to ask what makes the man. Whether you’re a barber, floral designer, or professional athlete passion and determination define your success creating authenticity.

Barber Spotlight #1: Phil McWilliams

Phil McWilliams- Eastside Barber Shop, London, KY

Welcome to our first interview in our Barber Spotlight series where we will be interviewing barbers from all over the globe to get an inside look on their unique cultures and traditions. This week we will be interviewing Phil from Eastside Barber shop located in the small Kentucky town of London. Phil is a close friend of us here at Lockhart’s and is excited to be a part of our first Q and A session.

Phil 1.jpg

Randy (Lockhart's): Phil, thank you for coming on for our first interview. Could you first tell us a little about your shop?

Phil: The name of our shop is Eastside Barber Shop, we are located at 802 E Fourth Street, London, Kentucky 40741. We have been at this location for 2 years, after being at our prior location for 6 years. The shop is owned by myself and my father. It has an old-time bluegrass feel with banjos and other décor around the shop reflecting the culture of South-East Kentucky.

Randy (Lockhart's):You mentioned that your father owns the shop and works with you as well, how long has he been barbering? Did you learn your trade from him?

Phil: My father has been a barber for 30 years, and has certifications in barbering, barber instruction and cosmetology. I learned from my father when I was still in school, and since then he and I have taught about  8 other barbers who have opened their own shops in other counties. My great grandfather was a barber as well, so we have sort of a lineage of barbers in the family.

Randy (Lockhart's): What kinds of people come to your shop?

Phil: We have all kinds of people who come in, although the majority of our clients are businessmen like lawyers and bankers, we also have many servicemen and medical professionals as well. But we pride ourselves mostly on the cultural diversity we have created from being experienced barbers.

Randy (Lockhart's): What is discussed between your customers? Do they have similar interests?

Phil: The main topics discussed are sports, current events, and politics. Local politics are also sometimes debated which can be a little more touchy. I remember one time; we had two clients get in a heated debate over a recently passed law about the town being able to have package stores, so we had to diffuse the situation between them and ultimately resulted in losing business from one client. Agriculture is popular around the area so farmers will often discuss it at the shop. Local news, such as the opening of a new restaurant, is popular due to the county population being so small (around 70,000). Overall, our shop has a lot of positive interaction and comradery all around. People love that we are father and son so naturally it’s a family barbershop.

Randy (Lockhart's): Every barber seems to have heard some pretty bizarre stories, have you had a customer tell you any crazy or extraordinary stories while you were giving them a haircut?

Phil: A customer told us a story of how he was cycling one day and he had been hit by a car head on. He broke both of his arms and legs, his face went into the windshield of the car tearing off his ear, and he was put into a coma. Despite his hardships after the accident, he still competes in marathons and triathlons. He has never had a negative attitude and always brings a positive aura to the shop.

Randy (Lockhart's): Are there any unique services or traditions that your shop holds?

Phil: My father likes to keep it simple with low prices around the shop. We stick to haircuts, shaves and beard styling. However, on every other Thursday people would come to the shop to play music with my father and me. It started with our regular customers coming in and playing with us, but when word got out about Thursday’s at Eastside to play. We would have 10-15 guitarists, a couple banjos and even a fiddle or upright bass player. We mainly played bluegrass music matching the theme of the shop.

Randy (Lockhart's): Music is an awesome way to bring people together. What brands of instruments do you play? What are your personal music preferences?

Phil: My dad’s favorite brand is Martin for classic bluegrass sound. However, one of my favorite style of guitars is the old style hollow-body Gibson’s with the F shaped sound holes. I have an appreciation for blues with some of my favorite artists being Lightnin Hopkins, Gary Clark Jr, and Skip James.

Randy (Lockhart's):Have you had anything crazy or extraordinary happen in the shop while you’ve worked there?

Phil: We had a break in once, someone had smashed through the front glass door in an attempt to rob us. We don’t usually keep a great deal of cash at the shop, so they only made out with about $20 and a roll of quarters in money. However, a bag of music equipment that belonged to my father was stolen, it was worth about $400. It never turnedup.


Randy (Lockhart's): What is your passion outside of barbering?

Phil: When I have the time, I still love to play music. I do volunteer work around the community and enjoy spending time with my family. I have also taken an interest in life insurance sales after being offered an opportunity to become a broker.

Randy (Lockhart's): Where can people find you online?

Phil: We have an Instagram (@eastsidebarbers) and If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can call down to the shop at (606)231-9943 or come down to our shop.

Note that Phil will be starting his own blog too, so follow us to stay updated on when Phil will be producing content. We would like to thank Phil for taking the time out of his schedule to do an interview with us, and to all of you for visiting our page. Stay tuned for our next Barber Spotlight!