04/10/2015 Thoughts on Business


I have learned many theories on business within the classroom, but very little have I learned of the true principles of the free market. I have studied the graphs, analyzed quarterlies, and even recommended investment strategies (for all men in their mid 20s have learned all there is to know). Yet, I knew nothing of true business. Although cliche, it's true that a man knows NOTHING until he truly experiences things FULLY. To learn theories teaches one little about the world of business. In fact, I'd argue it hampers their ability to succeed in business entirely. Boxing oneself into a corner with only theories to rely on robs the man of the fluidity necessary to perform.

I have been fortunate to find myself in a niche industry, the waters of which grow more and more crowded, while only true craftsmen remain afloat. Whoso dares leave the confines of the 9 to 5 to stand over molten wax from 5 to 9? Some view it as a hobby, myself included! I love what I do. Some choose paint, others choose clay, but my medium is wax. There is a beauty to be found in it's curing process. 

It has recently been brought to my attention the unscrupulous acts of D rate businessmen (invertebrates). Within the confines of my market is a brotherhood of businessmen who I would go to battle with anyday. Their interests align with mine and mine with theirs. And yet, where there's a market there are vultures looking to pray on unfounding victims. They stoop to low levels to coerce business instead of earning it, slithering unseen, instead of standing upright. These men, no, boys, are cowards. They use the so called "legal" system to find holes within small businesses in attempts to strong arm their business. Whoever so calls themselves a man doesn't slink behind the law to do their bidding, he uses his strength, wit, and courage to achieve what cowards cannot. 

"A pure hand needs no glove to cover it."
            -Nathaniel Hawthorne

To the scum who slinks I say, "I would go bankrupt before transacting with a spineless fool who hides behind documents." I'm very much so satisfied with the company which I currently keep for their actions are of men with clout. I ask my brothers to stand with me against the cowards who attempt to steal mine and YOUR likeness. We built this, we fought for this, we will flourish, and they will crumble.

-Steve Lockhart


* I was in quite a mood that day...