04/17/2015 On Death


Some consider death a great mystery. What next? Where do we go? Is there a god? Is there a soul? These questions, although legitimate, are an absolute waste of time and energy. I will not refuse others the right to believe in the afterlife but I cannot believe that which I cannot experience. My limited days won't be spent forecasting the inevitable darkness that may plague some. Why must I fear death? Do the corn crops fear death? Hell, my dogs don't even fear death. Their days are spent in the current day within the current second of the current hours minute. They worship no saint and praise no god and fear little. When did humans lose this spirit?

Death can be a glorious resolve or a selfish end. A tragic moment or one of triumph. Why then does it haunt our thoughts? If a god demands virtue and yet judges your free will, is this how you would choose to spend eternity? 

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.
— Mark Twain

There's a sense of bliss that arises once you no longer concern yourself with the end and instead focus your energy on the present. For it is now that we live, though we may die tomorrow. If I was to die tomorrow should I spend my last hours fearing that which draws near? Or will I enjoy the final moments I've been awarded? I'd rather die tomorrow, enjoying each remaining breath than to live another 60 years with the fear of death haunting my thoughts.

Recent events have opened my eyes to the fragility of life. I've witnessed those who are bitterly weary of every breath they draw, and I've witnessed those who simply enjoy life wholly. I know well who's company I'd choose to keep.

-Steve Lockhart