04/21/2015 Monotony it seems,

credit: fdslk

credit: fdslk

Monotony it seems,
An absolute of these times,
Anchored within the clenches of "society."
We tell ourselves,
"This I must do, for someday I'll be free."
Some day.

Why must we toil for another's society?
For society rejects the relentless liver.
The clergy, the politician, the bureaucrat,
Rejoicing in your obedience.

Few go to the woods.
But many travel to destinations.
What they find is not an escape,
But a binding motive.
Why one would travel before finding solitude at home,
Is beyond me.

I go to the woods,
The songbirds embracing my innocent eye,
I oversee all moments as they pass.
The ripples of the river, the swaying of the leaves,
The grass as it bends below my feet.
This is my day,
My day.

Why than must the worker work long hours?
For the tax man to collect?
Does this bring him joy? Solitude?
The weary work onward as their debts forever grow,
Never relieved of the clutches of society.
Obey, and your freedom remains...
Defy, and your freedom will flourish!


-Steve Lockhart