04/08/15 tIME FOR A CHANGE

I've never seriously invested myself within my own thoughts. As you scroll through this blog you can see that posts previous to this were the thoughts of others and not my own. From here on that will not be the case. I will periodically post transcriptions from my own personal journal, some things may be too personal, others may be out of anger, some out of love, but whatever it is it will be 100% genuine. I've recently become entrenched in classic literature and my mind has began to travel to places I may have never been exposed to otherwise.

This blog is a purely selfish endeavor. I put my heart and soul on these pages for the world to see, judge me if you will. Perhaps you'll take something from it, perhaps not. I hope to hone my skills in writing as I progress and have no expectations other than everything I write will be entirely genuine. I am not a professional, nor do I claim to be. These are my journal entries, for myself, which I share with you. Enjoy.

-Steve Lockhart