Matte Clay is back and better!

We're really excited to announce that Matte Clay is finally back in the Lockhart's lineup! We've been working hard to get this product ready to go once again and ran into a few hiccups along the way. We recently upgraded all of our equipment in the shop to be able to handle a bigger work load since you guys seem to keep us so busy all the time!

Whenever scaling a formula there's always a few adjustments that need to be made so we made them. In order to get the proper flow out of our new melter (and so we didn't jam it up super badly) we had to bump up the water levels quite a bit in order to get everything flowing properly. Of course that means we had to make a few adjustments elsewhere also to compensate for the added water. This means that the product now has a creamier consistency compared to the old waxy consistency and applies much easier than it ever did before. You'll also notice that the product has an even better matte finish than before as well, and it we fixed the greasiness of the Matte Clay. An added benefit to the increased water levels is that the Matte Clay now washes out much easier than ever before! 

This also opens up our ability to make custom batches in the future.

So what improvements did we make?

  • Much easier to scoop
  • Much easier to apply
  • No more greasy feeling
  • Much easier to wash out
  • Same great scent