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Who is Bona Fide?

Through and through, Bona Fide is transparent, honest, and everything they do is in “good faith” which is what the latin phrase bona fide means.  From Bona Fide, you can expect American Made hair products of the highest quality and consistency along with customer service that strives to demonstrate to you how much Bona Fide appreciates your business and support!

 That being said, Bona Fide also sees their products as tools for creative expression.  They want people to play with their hair, to have fun with their hair, and to achieve whatever look and style they desire.  Bona Fide wants people to take on the day knowing their hair is on point because they used Bona Fide.  Nothing beats that little boost of confidence you get when someone compliments your hair and that’s what it’s all about.




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