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“When embarking on a 100 mile backpacking trip there’s no guarantee that you’ll arrive at your final destination. Yet there is an utmost certainty of transformation along the way.”

-Chris Templeton




Steve L: When did you realize you wanted to make Templeton Tonics a full time career?

Chris T: The moment I realized that this journey with Templeton Tonics was more than just a hobby was actually when you guys (the Lockhart’s) trusted me to create your Fire and Brimstone Tonic for you. When I told my mom the news she was excited, but not surprised. Knowing that she believed in me, I knew that I could believe myself.


 Steve L: What moment would YOU consider your breakthrough moment?

Chris T: When creating my limited edition Black Kraken Clay I realized just how much freedom this platform gave me to tell a unique story with every aspect of my products. I let my creativity free and created something that had never been seen before and people loved it. I knew if people enjoyed Kraken this much, I could tell so many more stories. I decided to follow up the Kraken release with an updated and improved formula called Oasis Clay.


Steve L: Tell me about some of your challenges along the way.

Chris T: It was terrifying dropping out of college, and even more so when I realized if I wanted to keep making Templeton Tonics grow I had to quit my job and work on it full time. I thought about quitting and living an average life, but knew I’d never be happy if I didn’t know how far this path could take me. Without having people wiser than me who had seen success after taking the plunge I would never have even left my doorstep and stepped on the trail.



 Steve L: You found a winning recipe in Kraken, but you hit some major set backs with Oasis, can we talk about that?

Chris T: In the months following the Oasis Clay release, I went from the highest peak to the lowest valley. It felt very topographic. Up, down, up, down, up, down. The formula that had been one of my greatest strengths had turned on me and I struggled to get it back under my control. It wasn’t until I let go and started anew that I found my strength again.


Steve L: That’s a very frustrating situation to be in and one that I’m plenty familiar with. What kind of advice would you give to people that may be experiencing similar turmoil?

Chris T: I realized I’d been like a rottweiler hanging from a rope, held there only by his stubborn bite. When I realized I’d been trying to do this all by myself and let go, I felt free again and life instantly improved. Struggles will come, and I will overcome them. I just have to enjoy my life and share my perspective with the world.

Steve L: From the looks of it you never gave up. How did you right the ship and get back on course?

Chris T: The Oasis reformulation was easier than I ever could have expected, and it’s set to release very soon to the public. The support and patience I’ve received from the pomade community has been incredible and I owe it to them to give them the product they want so badly.



 Steve L: And that brings us to now.

Chris T: The Hermit is the story of a young man going on a journey and learning everything he can along the way. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with this collaboration.

hermit card.jpg


There are 78 cards in a tarot deck.
Each card signifies a different moment in someone’s life.
I’ve always had a strong interest in the occult,
and the stories behind artisan products.
I wanted to find a way to tie that all together.

And this is the year that we’re gonna do that.